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Thanks for stopping by! We're building the world's biggest resource of inspirations, and we could use your help. This Community Portal is the place to go if you're looking to find things to do, problems to solve and tasks for the Who Inspired Wiki. With enough data, we think that you'll be able to see some really interesting relationships - like learning just how influential Star Wars is.

We're really glad you're here. If this is your first time to the Who Inspired Wiki, you may want to check out Who Inspired Star Wars?, Wanted Pages, About Us, or just try something random. When you're ready, make sure to register for the site so we know you're not a spambot!

Contact Us

My name's Matt, and I'm currently running the site along with my friend Will. If you have any questions at all about this site, you can email me directly at info (at) whoinspired (dot) com and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. You can also reach me on Twitter.

How you can help

There are lots of ways you can help out on this site. The site always needs people who are interested in research, writing, editing and - if you're programming inclined, helping to solve some coding issues.

1. Research Inspirations

  • Do you like researching? Have you ever read an article about something (a book for instance) and the journalist asks about the inspirations behind the book? Would you be interested in entering this information into Who Inspired Wiki? If so, we'd love your help. Learn more

2. Edit Content

  • Much of the content the site has so far has been cut and pasted from places like Wikipedia and could use cleanup. If you have a strong ear for language, you may be interested in helping edit the site's existing entries. Learn more

3. Help Improve the Site

  • Do you know a lot about wikis? How can the Who Inspired Wiki work better? What is it missing? What needs to be added to make it easier for editors? If this interests you, we'd love to hear your advice. Just contact us at info (at) whoinspired (dot) com.

Coding Issues

These are the current problems that we haven't been able to solve. Most of them are probably easy for someone who understands the programming behind wikis. Please feel free to add others.