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Thanks for visiting Who Inspired! We hope you have a good time discovering the forgotten history of this strange world called Earth. This help page points to some common resources and is continuously updated.

To understand the basics of Who Inspired, please see About Who Inspired. For an overview of the basics of editing Who Inspired, see How the Site Works.

What's a creation?
Who Inspired offers three ways to enter data: Creation, Organization and Person. A creation is just something that someone created. For example, 'Abbey Road' is a creation. 'The Beatles' are an organization. 'Paul McCartney' is a person.

Should I reference the work or the creator?'
That depends, but use the title of the work if possible. For example, if the Beatles were inspired by 'Brave New World,' use 'Brave New World,' not Alduous Huxley.

But if they were influenced by Alduous Huxley - his writing style, the way he lived his life - you would use Alduous Huxley.

Can I copy Wikipedia?'
DO NOT add content that violates copyrights. It WILL BE deleted. Having said that, Wikipedia follows different rules. For more information, see this Wikipedia entry.

How do I cite an article?'
It's actually easy, though it can be intimidating the first time. Just enclose the information between <ref> tags. For example, if you were citing Bob Dylan's page, you would just type:
<ref>[ Bob Dylan's Homepage]</ref>. If this still doesn't make sense, just check out a completed article to see how it's done.

There's no way to get every influence - is there?'
No, there isn't, and that's not the purpose of the site. It's impossible to be 100% comprehensive. But most things have a clear line of inspiration - that's what Who Inspired is about. Then again...who knows? Maybe one day it will become possible.

What is the 'Wanted Pages' link on the right?'
When you click this, you'll see a list of all the pages that people have linked to, but that aren't yet created. If you see a page with a lot of links, it means that a lot of people want to see it created. So if you're looking for a good article to research, start with 'Wanted Pages.'

Why don't spaces between paragraphs work right?
You need to double space between paragraphs for now. We're working with this problem and hope to have it solved soon.

Why is 'Who Inspired'? Why not 'What Inspired?
We just like the sound of Who Inspired better.

You got <insert topic> all WRONG!!!'
That happens. And here's the good news - this is a wiki. Why not help us get it right by editing the article?

You could make the site better by doing <insert>. How can I let you know?'
We really want your feedback. Send us an email at info (at) and we'll add it to the idea pile.

Where do I find advanced help?'
Who Inspired runs on Mediawiki, and the Mediawiki site hosts more advanced help documentation for experienced users. You can find that here. Or you can contact them on IRC at #mediawiki.

If you're interested in the site's semantic functionality, you can find the help documentation for Semantic Mediawiki here. They're also on IRC at #semantic-mediawiki.

What if I have a question that isn't answered by this FAQ??'
Shoot us an email here. We'll get back to you as soon as we can. And don't hesitate to let us know how to improve the site.

I still want to know more - I can't read enough!!!'
Have you considered subscribing to our newsletter or following us on Twitter?